Overhead LED lighting for televised sporting events

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BC Women's 2015 Scottie Curling Championships
Ephesus Televised Curling LED Lights EventStar Services
Ephesus Arena 600 LED Lights
Ephesus Arena 600 LED Lights EventStar Services

Super Star LED Lighting System

EventStar Services is now offering the ground-breaking technology of Ephesus 600 LED lighting for your televised sporting and special events!

High performance for HD broadcasting

Glare control, environmental temperature control, and precision targeting delivers superior lighting solutions for your televised sporting event.

Extreme energy efficiencies

Slashing your energy bill with power-to-light efficiencies, and low temperature LED saves on the cooling bill for ice surfaces.

LED illumination used for

Super Bowl XLIX LED Ephesus Broadcast Sports  Arena Lighting by EventStar Services